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Listserv Guidelines

Please read and understand these guidelines in their entirety before subscribing to the Health Information Management Association of Australia 'HIMConnect’ Listserv.

By using the HIMConnect Listserv, you agree to accept and be bound by the following guidelines.


HIMConnect is intended primarily to expedite communication among HIMAA members and professionals in related disciplines on important issues related to the association and to the profession. Subscription to HIMConnect is open to all including non HIMAA members.


A. Who May Submit Messages to HIMConnect: HIMConnect only posts messages from HIMConnect subscribers. To join HIMConnect please click the button at the bottom of this page after you have read and understood the HIMConnect Guidelines.

B. When Submitting Messages: Please do not submit messages to HIMConnect unless you are reasonably certain your message is of sufficient professional concern to a group of HIMConnect subscribers and that it warrants delivery to subscribers of the listserv.

C. Submission Requirements: Each submission must contain the following:

i. Only send messages to the entire Listserv when it contains information everyone needs to know. If you are replying with a message that just says “thanks for the information,” a request to receive a copy of what someone has offered to share, or simply to agree with someone (such as “me, too”), please do not reply to the entire group. Instead, send your response directly to the e-mail address of the person who posted the message by clicking on your “Forward to” button and typing in or cutting and pasting in the e-mail address of the individual to whom you are responding; and

ii. When posting a message, identify yourself and include your name, affiliation, and e-mail address. Be specific in the subject line to describe the subject matter of what you are posting.

D. Appropriate Submissions: Postings about substantive issues covering the gamut of professional topics and/or issues relevant to Health Information Management professionals or which are relevant to at least a subset of the membership are generally appropriate, except as described below.

E.What is Inappropriate?: The following types of submissions are considered inappropriate:

i. Recruitment;

ii. Commercial advertisements (SPAMs) or solicitations;

iii. Topics generally irrelevant to the Health Information Management community;

iv. Personal communications between individuals;

v. Any attachments whatsoever;

vi. Replies to individuals' requests for information which is obviously not of significant interest
to the membership at large;

vii. Personal criticism of individuals or even substantive contributions which violate acceptable
communication standards within the profession;

viii. Personal or confidential information about any individuals and/or organisations;

ix. Messages whose content might breach any relevant legislation applying to communication
by e-mail;

x. Messages of inconsequential or non-substantive content, such as merely posting "I agree"
without contributing substantively to the discussion. (Such replies should be sent directly
to the author of the original message.).

F. Long Messages: Long messages (one which is more than one page in length) are discouraged because they cause problems for some subscribers with limited email storage. Persons wishing to share large documents should announce that interested individuals may request the material directly from the person making the offer, and the document(s) should then be sent directly to the interested parties' email addresses, not via HIMConnect.

G. Attachments of any kind are not permitted due to the risk of transmitting computer viruses. The HIMConnect software automatically rejects attachments, and may reject certain signature files which "look like" attachments to the software. If, by some chance, an attachment should accidentally go through, subscribers are advised to open them at their own risk.

H. Decorum: Messages posted to HIMConnect must be civil and professional in tone. Communication via HIMConnect cannot provide the same freedom of expression as would be possible in a private conversation among confidants. The discussions put forward in the Listserv are meant to stimulate conversation and not to create a contentious environment.

All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited. Do not say anything in a Listserv message that you would not want the world to see and would not want to know came from you.

I. Liability: Neither the Health Information Management Association of Australia Limited (HIMAA), the HIMConnect manager, nor the administrators of the listserv's host site can verify the content of postings for accuracy or be held accountable for message content. Parties submitting messages to HIMConnect bear sole responsibility and liability for the content of their postings.

The HIMAA accepts no responsibility for the opinions and information posted on this site. In no event shall the HIMAA be liable for any damages, consequential or otherwise, resulting from loss of use, data, or profits arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of any information posted on this site.

J. The HIMAA reserves the right to revoke or terminate access to any user who, in any way, breaches any of the above guidelines.

Please do not hesitate to contact the HIMConnect Listserv Manager with any questions or problems you might have in relation to the use of HIMConnect.

Ralph La Tella
HIMConnect Listserv Manager
Internet & IT Services Coordinator

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