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From the CEO

In this month’s newsletter:

  • QUT Update

  • HealthGenius Discount

  • 2012 National Conference

  • Discount - Quest Jolimont Apartments Melbourne

  • Standards Australia Representatives

QUT Update

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) School of Public Health and Social Work (SPHSW) is proposing to introduce a Bachelor of Health Information Management (BHIM). Since the cessation of the previous Bachelor of Health Science (Health Information Management) in 2010, QUT has received a large number of requests for the reintroduction of the course from the profession and the health industry more broadly and also via individual approaches for education and training in health information management and, in particular, clinical classification. Present activities revolve around building the business case for the formal approval processes within the university environment. Shortly, significant consultation about the proposed course will be sought to ensure an industry-relevant course is developed. It is hoped that the course will be offered from semester 1, 2013. For further information, please contact Sue Walker (s.walker@qut.edu.au) or Maryann Wood (mt.wood@qut.edu.au).

HealthGenius Discount

Eurofield Information Solutions (EIS) is offering a 15% discount to HIMAA members who purchase the HealthGenius ICD-10-AM, ACHI & ACS eComPress® Seventh Edition. To access this offer, members need to go to the “View WorkWeb ads” page in the Members’ Area of the HIMAA website then click through from the EIS banner advertisement at the top of the page.

2012 National Conference Update

Online registration and accommodation booking is now open and available on the conference website. A draft program is also available to be download from website. There is also a “justification pack” available on the website, to help you prepare your application for funding to attend the conference.

A reminder that the call for abstracts closes on the 31st May 2012.

For all your conference information go to the conference website at: http://www.himaa2.org.au/conference/

HIMAA Member Discount: Quest Jolimont Apartments, Melbourne

The Quest Jolimont Serviced Apartments, located in the Melbourne CBD, is offering discount rates to HIMAA members. For example, HIMAA members can save $89/night on a one bedroom apartment. The offer is valid till 31 December 2012. Members will need to notify the apartments that they are claiming the HIMAA member discount at the time of booking. For full details click here.

Standards Australia Representatives

HIMAA has appointed new representatives to a number of Standards Australia’s IT-014 group of committees, as follows:

  • IT-014 (Health Informatics): Ralph La Tella (replacing Elizabeth Moss),

  • IT-014-02 (Health Concept Representation): Dhana Profilio (replacing Leanne Holmes), and

  • IT-014-13 (Clinical Decision Support): Cheens Lee (new committee).

Thank you to Elizabeth Moss and Leanne Holmes for great service representing HIMAA over many years.

Until next month
Bob Blue


History of the Repatriation Hospital, Bundoora (Vic) 1921-1993

Dr Jacqueline Healy, Director, Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, is compiling a volume of essays on the history of the former Bundoora Repatriation Hospital. She would like to hear from people with memories of the hospital and from potential contributors to the publications. Dr Healy can be contacted on tel. (03) 9496 1060 or by email to: bundoorahomestead@darebin.vic.gov.au.


AUS: No shaking e-health record controversy

Controversy still rages around the Gillard government's personally controlled e-health record system as the Senate debate on legislation is on hold until May. Since the PCEHR Bills were passed in the lower house in late February, consumer advocates have turned to a joint parliamentary inquiry into Cyber-Safety for Seniors as a venue for unresolved concerns over the program. Last week, Health's chief information officer, Paul Madden, conceded the PCEHR system will be vulnerable to attack from fraudsters at the user's end.

The Australian More...

AUS: GPs to receive support for e-health

Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has announced that general practitioners (GP) will receive additional support from the government if they use e-health records as part of a consultation. Addressing the Health E-Nation Conference on the Gold Coast yesterday, Plibersek outlined the three levels of support that GPs would receive if taking a patient's medical history was required.

ZD Net More...

AUS: Govt finally offers e-health incentive for GPs

The Federal Government has confirmed it will provide incentives for GPs to participate in its $467 million national e-health record system, scheduled to go live on 1 July, following a prolonged period of lobbying by industry. Minister for Health, Tanya Plibersek, confirmed that amendments have been made to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) to enable access for GPs who participate in the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR).

CIO more...

AUS: Nehta to identify e-health clinical gaps

THE National E-Health Transition Authority is preparing a healthcare provider functionality "clinical safety case report" for release of the first version of the e-health records infrastructure, which was due for delivery by Accenture last month.

The Australian More...

AUS: Zedmed launches online learning for AAPM members

Zedmed has launched online learning modules on the Australian Association of Practice Managers (AAPM) website to allow members to keep up with changes in healthcare management. Short previews of the three practice management essentials modules will also be available on Zedmed's website this week. The modules include clinical results and reporting; an office module on reporting, recalls and security, and an insurance module powered by insurance company MLC. MLC has sponsored this module and has provided the insurance content to help educate practice managers on the importance of medical information in assessing life, critical illness, total and permanent disability and income protection insurance. Online learning is aimed at helping AAPM members to access a range of education programs that they can complete at their own pace and in the convenience of their office or home. On satisfactory completion of each Zedmed module, members will receive one continuing professional development (CPD) point. “The inclusion of the online learning area on the AAPM website will be a valuable complement to the professional development events provided by AAPM state branches and nationally,” AAPM national president Brett McPherson said.

Pulse + IT More...

AUS: HCN, MIMS release drug database updates

Health Communication Network (HCN) has released the April update of its MDref drug database for Medical Director 3. The update, which is current from April 1, includes a fully rebuilt MDref drug database, full consumer medicines information, product information, updated NPS Radar data and Medical Director content such as letter writer templates and post prescribing prompts. Last week, HCN reminded users of Medical Director 2 that they will no longer be able to prescribe from May and must upgrade to MD3.

Pulse + IT More...


AUS: Building better teleconsultations: Prof Anthony Maeder

Telehealth is often billed as a cost effective way to deliver health services, particularly to people in rural and remote areas. However, there is a problem: we still don’t have good business models around the provision of telehealth. This is the perspective of Professor Anthony Maeder, president of the Australasian Telehealth Society (ATHS). “The business models need to mature,” he said. “Hospitals can spend a lot of money on telehealth in terms of equipment, people and resources. And that can have quite an impact on budgets.” In Australia, telehealth has got off to a reasonably slow start. Medicare figures show around 2,500 teleconsults have occurred since MBS items were introduced in the middle of last year. Those items are aimed at specialists offering services to people in rural and remote areas, and in principle, the service model works reasonably well.

eHealthSpace.org More...

AUS: Can Digital Health Technologies Improve Health Literacy?

A recent article in the AMA News cites a 2003 health literacy study by the US Department of Education which surveyed more than 19,000 Americans. It found that over one-third had trouble reading and understanding basic medical information. Not surprisingly, people with low health literacy have worse medical outcomes, make more medication errors, have lower adherence to regimens, and are 50% more likely to be hospitalized (National Patient Safety Council). The worst part is that 75% of health illiterate patients will not tell their physicians about it.

The Digital Health Corner More...

USA: New app helps docs predict post-surgical pain

Patients now have a new app available to them that can predict how much pain they will experience after a hernia surgery, according to an article published recently in the Wall Street Journal. The app, named CeQOL (Carolinas Equation of Quality of Life), helps patients determine how likely they are to experience chronic pain or discomfort following the surgery, according to its creator, B. Todd Heniford, chief of gastrointestinal and minimally invasive surgery at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, N.C. WSJ recently published statistics showing that 30 percent or more of hernia surgery patients experience chronic pain post-surgery.

FierceMobileHealthcare More...

Research & Development

USA: iPads tested for post-surgical 'telerounding'

Bringing telehealth and mobile technology together, Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit is using the iPad to enable post-surgical "telerounding." Doctors can video-chat with patients, view scars, check for symptoms of pain, and other issues, the hospital recently announced. This kind of remote rounding isn't exactly new, but the iPad does change the game a little. Previous iterations were telerobots, or wireless laptops on wheels that would be moved from room to room to allow physicians and patients to have a video-conference.

FierceMobileHealthcare More...

USA: STUDY: Prospective pilot study of a tablet computer in an Emergency Department

Using a tablet computer can decrease time spent at a computer. Clinician's felt the tablet was easy to disinfect. Clinician expectations cannot be met by a change in form factor alone.

International Journal of Medical Informatics More...

USA: STUDY: Effects of a short text message reminder system on emergency department length of stay

Specialty consultations and waiting for admission to a hospital bed are major contributors to increased length of stay and overcrowding in the emergency department. We implemented a computerized short messaging service to inform care providers of patient delay in order to reduce length of stay. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of this strategy on length of stay in the emergency department.

International Journal of Medical Informatics More...

USA: Smarter Voice Capabilities Will Transform Medical Documentation

Natural language processing combined with voice recognition produces clinical language understanding, which has the potential to profoundly change how information gets into clinical systems.

InformationWeek Healthcare More...

USA: Lab tests fell after HIE rollout, researchers say

A study released by Harvard researchers that concluded that physicians who have computerized access to patients' test results are more likely to order additional lab and imaging tests has a new counterpoint by another team of Harvard researchers.

Modern Healthcare More...

Business & Legal

AUS: GPs to receive support for e-health

Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has announced that general practitioners (GP) will receive additional support from the government if they use e-health records as part of a consultation. Addressing the Health E-Nation Conference on the Gold Coast yesterday, Plibersek outlined the three levels of support that GPs would receive if taking a patient's medical history was required.

ZD Net More...

EU: Web privacy rules turn poachers into gamekeepers

BRUSSELS: When you 'like' something on Facebook or read an online newspaper, perhaps a dozen or more companies are squirreling away data on your tastes, your habits, whether you're male or female, old or young, gay or straight. They mean no harm. They just want to give you, the customer, exactly what you want - it's the grandfather of all business slogans. Their dilemma, now regulators' noses are twitching, is how to serve you, and serve themselves, when what you want is to be left alone. There are thousands of analytics companies, audience targeters, ad brokers, ad exchanges and the like that can collect and sell data-based services on internet users for $6,000 a time to big brands, which then buy ad space where their potential customers might be lurking. Sydney Morning Herald

AUS: Ethics and Medico-legal

The AMA has spoken out strongly regarding the integrity of the medical profession in relation to the provision of sickness certificates. In the media recently, Labor MP Craig Thomson sought an absence from Parliament due to a stomach complaint. Members of the Opposition questioned the sickness certificate, describing it as ‘vague’ and requested a second opinion be provided. The AMA President spoke out on behalf of the medical profession, clarifying that certificates do not normally require a diagnosis due to the importance of protecting patient confidentiality. While the public nature of this incident is unfortunate, it reflects an issue faced by many doctors – a lack of trust from employers (and other relevant third parties) in the doctor’s professional judgment and/or integrity in the provision of sickness certificates.


USA: Getting Health Care Out of the Middle Ages and into the 21st Century

In our wonderfully convenient century, so many services are readily available without the long wait times or long trips of decades before. It's hard to believe now, but in the recent past we could only make bank deposits and withdrawals in an actual bank, and only on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.! Yet in this age of advancement, our most important service -- health service -- has remained stubbornly resistant to change.

Huffington Post More...


The Australian Dictionary of Clinical Abbreviations, Acronyms and Symbols.
5th Edition.

HIMAA Australian Dictionary of Clinical Abbreviations, Acronyms and Symbols 5th edition is available as a paperback book or online version which can be accessed through a web browser.

The Australian Dictionary is the official reference for abbreviations throughout hospitals in several Area Health Services in New South Wales and other States of Australia. It establishes and maintains quality of information extracted from medical records which in turn affects the quality of data supplied to state health departments.

The online Australian Dictionary contains links to further reference material for all abbreviations and will be updated on a regular basis.

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