Assessments determine whether you have the required skills and knowledge to be a competent clinical coder.  It is essential that assessments represent your own work.  Third party assistance, whether from a manager or a colleague, is not required when completing the coursework or assessments.  Assessments are based on written practical application of the material studied and do not include essay-type questions. Use of the 3M Codefinder is not permitted for completion of assessments and examinations conducted by HIMAA.

Assessments may only be submitted one at a time and according to your selected timetable.

Assessment marking and feedback
Your Education Officer will return your marked assessment with comments and advice regarding any errors.  You are encouraged to contact your Education Officer as soon as possible after receiving your marked assessment if any feedback needs clarification. Clinical coding course assessments receive a mark out of 100.

Assessment appeals procedure
If you are not satisfied with the result of an assessment you may appeal against the decision by contacting your Education Officer within seven business days of receiving the assessment result. 

  • The Education Officer will organise a review of the assessment and will advise you of the findings of the review within seven business days of the appeal
  • If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily the Training Manager will be notified and will provide you with a written statement of outcome within a further seven business days
  • If the appeal is still unresolved you will be advised of external organisations that may be able to give you advice

                                                                                                                                        Updated 1 March 2022