Examination venue and supervisor

Students of HIMAA distance education courses are not required to attend an examination venue away from where they live. However it is the student's responsibility to find an appropriate supervisor and venue for examinations.


Appropriate supervisors for the examination may include

  • a supervisor or manager at the student's workplace (does not have to be in the health industry)
  • teacher
  • health information manager or medical record administrator
  • university lecturer, teacher, medical practitioner, minister of religion, Justice of the Peace, librarian
  • police officer

An examination supervisor must not

  • be a relative or
  • be a current student in or a recent graduate of the course being examined

Examination venue should 

  • be a quiet room without interruptions or disturbance for the time needed to complete the examination
  • include a desk or large table

The examination room may be located in

  • the organisation where the student works
  • the organisation where the nominated examination supervisor works
  • educational, health, church, library or police premises

The examination room must not be located in

  • the student's home or
  • the home of the examination supervisor