Enrolment information

To enrol you are required to submit an enrolment form, student agreement and course fee to the Student Support and Administration Officer Education Services. On receipt of the enrolment form Education Services staff will ensure that you have

  1.  met any entry requirements for the course
  2.  signed the student agreement
  3.  selected the correct course for your needs
  4.  completed all relevant information on the enrolment form
  5.  selected the correct course fees
  6.  paid or
  7.  your organisation is paying and a tax invoice is required

When these requirements are met your enrolment will be processed and confirmation emailed. Education Services reserves the right to decline your request to enrol in a course if your prior knowledge, skill or experience does not meet the entry requirements for your chosen course. Education Services staff will advise you of the training or experience required before exercising this right.

                                                                                                                                                      Updated 28 November 2014