HIMAA Membership Recruitment Scheme

The HIMAA Membership Recruitment Scheme gives current members the opportunity to get benefits for helping to recruit new members to HIMAA.

How do you get involved? It’s simple. All you have to do is recruit a new member and have your name listed on the membership form under the Membership Recruitment Scheme section. Once the new member has paid you will receive an email from our Membership Officer letting you know your benefit,

The new member will receive 10% discount (all category except New graduate), upon joining under this scheme. The benefits for recruiting new members in any 12-month period* are:

Recruit Benefit to recruiting member
1 Member    10% off your next membership renewal
2 Members    20% off your next membership renewal
3 Members    35% off your next membership renewal
4 Members    50% off your next membership renewal
5 Members    75% off your next membership renewal

If you have any questions regarding the scheme please contact HIMAA Membership Officer on 02 9887 5002 or membership@himaa.org.au

Terms and Conditions

  • *The 12 month period is the recruiting member’s annual membership cycle. So the benefit will apply and be reset on the recruiting member’s renewal date (or renewal date in the next available year for advanced purchase renewal. i.e. a member whose renewal is on the 01/07/2021 for 2 or 3 years advanced payment), the membership discount will then apply to the 2021-22 renewal,
  • The offer is limited to current Financial member; Full, New Graduate, Senior Associate, Associate or Fellow members of HIMAA who are not included under an Organisational Membership
  • Eligible recruitment categories are Full, New Graduate, Senior Associate or Associate Membership
  • Benefits will apply once recruited member has paid and their membership activated
  • Benefit membership discounts will be applied to the member’s next renewal date and is limited to single year renewals (benefits cannot be added to advanced purchase renewals)