WW5932 - Health Information Manager - (Full-time) - St Andrew's Hospital, Adelaide, SA

The Health Information Manager plans, develops, implements and manages health information services including patient information systems, and clinical and administrative data, to meet the medical, legal, ethical and administrative requirements of health care delivery for St Andrew’s Hospital including:

  • Analysing the medical documentation and record-keeping needs of the Hospital and translating these needs into efficient and standards compliant record management systems
  • Management of the content of medical records
  • Evaluating and preserving medical records for administrative, historical, legal, evidential and other purposes
  • Preparing record-keeping systems, indexes, guides and procedures for archival research and for the retention and destruction of medical records
  • Designing and revising medical record forms
  • Managing the Hospital’s central medical records systems and maintaining Computerised (TrakCare) and other record management systems and record forms
  • Maintain appropriate procedures to control access to confidential health information and patient medical records
  • Developing clinical coding systems and monitoring standards relating to their use

Responsibilities / Duties: 

The role is responsible for leading and managing the Hospital’s clinical coding and medical records functions and related health information services to drive improved business performance. Applicants must demonstrate:

  • Extensive experience in health information management including leading and managing clinical coding, auditing, medical records and related health information services
  • Current understanding of episodic or activity based funding principles
  • Ability to engage and work with a range of stakeholders including nursing and medical specialists
  • A proven track record in achieving consistent compliance with clinical coding and auditing standards
  • Maintain coding standards compliance by supporting, educating and providing technical assistance to the Hospital’s clinical coding team to achieve standards and improve coding performance
  • Provide education to nursing and medical staff on documentation standards, key description of diagnoses and essential information in the medical record
  • Liaise with Visiting Medical Officers to achieve consistent documentation standards
  • Optimise the financial outcomes of clinical coding activity through first time coding accuracy and management of the financial implications of DRG/episodic funding from Health Insurers
  • Support the Coding team through active engagement in coding of patient episodes when required and providing expert coding advice
  • Plan for new service volumes, increased workflows and relationships between the Medical Records and Coding teams’ activities and workloads
  • Provide advice and act as a change agent for key health information process and system improvements including investigation into use of an Electronic Medical Record system
  • Submit coded data for ISAAC and HCP reporting purposes and manage related processes

  • Lead and initiate process and quality improvements relating to information management standards, auditing for paper and electronic records in accordance with AS 21828
  • Lead and manage the Hospital’s internal auditing of clinical coding work including the provision of feedback and education to close identified gaps and improve performance
  • Manage post-billing Health Fund audits including preparation, handling of questions and post-audit follow-up. Debrief and provide advice on audit results to key stakeholders to improve future coding outcomes and minimise unfavourable audit results

  • Significant experience managing clinical coding, medical records and/or related work teams
  • Current experience in a similar role
  • ertiary qualifications in Health Information Management, or related discipline/s

  • Experience in a larger private hospital environment
  • Clinical coding experience


Garry Crispin
Director of Finance
Phone: ( 08)84082188
Email: garry.crispin@stand.org.au

Applications Close On: 
27 February 2017