WW6152 - Health Information Liaison - (Temp 6 months) - Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Services - South Brisbane, QLD

The position of Health Information Liaison will:

  • Establish and coordinate a coder clinician liaison function as an expert health information resource to facilitate effective, dynamic and regular communication with clinicians across the three key hospital divisions: Medical, Surgical and Critical Care.
  • Lead the development, implementation and evaluation of education and documentation across these divisions to improve the overall quality of clinical documentation and clinician knowledge of coding and its impact on maximisation of revenue for the hospital. This is essential to promote improved patient care delivery.
  • Ensure improved quality of documented clinical data in key hospital service delivery areas to promote data quality, accurate acuity representation, coding accuracy and Diagnosis Related Group optimisation. These functions are crucial to patient, operational and financial management, and for conducting organisation-wide education and information sharing relating to Activity Based Funding.

Your Application
Please provide the following information for the Selection Panel to assess your suitability:

1. A written response of no more than 2 pages addressing your ability to meet the requirements of the role listed under ‘How will you be assessed?’ and within the context of the ‘role and responsibilities’.

2. Your current CV or resume, including two referees that can attest to your performance and conduct in the workplace. Referees should have a thorough knowledge of your capabilities, work performance and conduct within the previous two years, and it is preferable to include your current/immediate/past supervisor. By providing the names and contact details of your referee/s you consent for these people to be contacted by the selection panel. If you do not wish for a referee to be contacted, please indicate this on your resume and contact the selection panel chair to discuss.

Responsibilities / Duties: 

Role / Duties / Responsibilities relevant to the position
You will fulfil the accountabilities of this role in accordance with the CHQ HHS core values and as outlined below.

  • Develop, promote and coordinate a clinical liaison program across the Medical, Surgical and Critical Care divisions to improve documentation standards that support clinical coding quality and accurate Diagnosis Related Groups assignment for Activity Based Funding.
  • Provide expert advice, innovation and education to clinicians with regard to appropriate documentation of diagnoses, procedures, co-morbidities, complications and the effects of accurate DRG allocation across key clinical divisions.
  • Undertake coding quality improvement activities and audits to identify and make recommendations on opportunities for improvements to monitor and maintain coding quality. These audits will include Diagnosis Related Group targeted audits, outlier audits, documentation audits, division and service wide coding audits and performance indicators for coding quality review.
  • Review current clinical documentation and coding practices in order to determine whether it allows for maximisation of weighted separations. Advise on recommendations for improvement and methods to ensure sustainability for the introduced changes.
  • Identify training needs, develop and deliver education sessions to coding and clinical staff.
  • Liaise with the Clinical Coding Manager with regard to coding related improvements and strategies.
  • Analyse and reconcile coded information using appropriate tools, such as Crystal, and other resources to ensure data integrity.
  • Develop and implement strategies and systems in conjunction with the Director Health Information Services and Divisional Director of key hospital service area to respond to the challenges of activity based funding for CHQ HHS.
  • Proactively maintain a high level of expertise in current knowledge of industry trends and developments arising in ICD-10-AM coding practices, standards, and activity based funding to ensure excellence within CHQ HHS and promote a learning environment within the team.
  • Actively participate in a working environment supporting quality human resources management practices including employment equity, anti-discrimination, occupational health and safety, and ethical behaviour.
  • Develop a positive culture within Clinical Support which encourages and recognises high performance, builds leadership capabilities and supports staff to maximise their health and wellbeing.


Qualifications/Professional Registration/Other Requirements

  • Exceptionally advanced knowledge and technical skills in the classification of diseases and operations using ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS across a variety of clinical speciality areas. High level knowledge of state and national developments in ICD-10-AM, activity based funding and the application of these within healthcare management.
  • Demonstrated high level experience and ability in developing, implementing, managing and maintaining coding quality improvement activities suitable to an Activity Based Funding.
  • Proven ability to identify, plan, develop and deliver training and education to clinical coders and clinicians individually, and in groups, with improved quality outcomes.
  • Demonstrated extensive interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills in order to liaise effectively with clinical staff in relation to clinical coding, documentation and activity based funding issues, and coding staff in relation to coding quality activities and coding support.
  • Ability to comply with and utilise procedures, polices, regulations and standards including workplace health and safety, equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination policies


Deborah Jeffers
Director – Health Information Services
Telephone: 07 3068 5741
Email: Deborah.Jeffers@health.qld.gov.au

Applications Close On: 
17 November 2017