WW6196 - Health Information Management Officer - (Full-time Volunteer) - Princess Margaret Hospital - Funafuti, Tuvalu

The Australian Volunteers program has negotiated this assignment in good faith with the Partner Organisation (PO), and the information contained was correct at the time of acceptance of the request.

However, while the program takes responsibility for matters under our direct control, all assignments and arrangements are subject to change due to the inherent low levels of predictability in developing country environments. This assignment may be amended or withdrawn to reflect changes in circumstances.


The Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), is located on the main island of Funafuti. The PMH provides primary and secondary care services for patients from Funafuti and those referred from the outer rural islands. In the outer islands there are clinics manned by nurses who provide primary care and preventive services. Patients needing clinical care that cannot be offered at the PMH are referred to bigger overseas hospitals through the Tuvalu Medical Treatment Scheme. Health services are all provided by the public service as there is no private sector.


That all people of Tuvalu will enjoy the highest attainable standard of health, regardless of race, religion, political belief and economic or social condition.

Mission: To ensure the highest attainable standard of health for all people of Tuvalu


An exciting opportunity exists in Tuvalu for the improvement of the Hospital Information System (HIS) at the Princess Margaret Hospital. Join the health-workforce in Tuvalu and expand this information system to also include clinical support departments and public health data. This also includes a revision in the reporting module of the system to make it more user friendly, so that reports can be generated efficiently for health planning and management purposes. For the outer island clinics, there is a consolidated monthly reporting (hard copy) system in place and this needs to be incorporated into the electronic health information system. The monthly returns rate of these hard copy reports needs to be strengthened, as it is currently poor at approximately 50-60% returns per month.


There is a medical folder/filing system in place but it is sub-standard and poorly managed. You will also need to support the coding/filing clerk to better maintain and manage this filing system, so medical folders are readily available for OPD and specialist clinics and hard copy (in Medical folder) and soft copy (in HIS) information complements each other. You will be required to work with the local counterpart and other hospital staff to ensure the efficient and effective use of the HIS within all areas of the hospital.

It is anticipated that by the end of the assignment the volunteer will have assisted the local counterparts to:

  • Increase the use of HIS across all Hospital departments
  • Develop HIS training resources for use within the hospital;
  • Create and implement on-going training plans to ensure staff are skilled and equipped to use HIS;
  • Implement the use of HIS for Operating Theatre Bookings, Clinical Support Services and Outer Island CMR data and other areas as determined; and
  • Revise work-practices to better reflect the use of HIS.
  • Collecting using quality data sets, (e.g. for monitoring number of NCD cases across Tuvalu, monitoring population coverage and activities of the Post TC Pam Environmental Health project, which is funded by DFAT) is integral to planning and managing curative, public health and overseas medical treatment services.

This assignment will improve and strengthen the information management of the Princess Margaret Hospital to inform decision making at all levels and improve efficiency in its service delivery.


  • To strengthen the critical analysis of current Hospital Information System and system improvement processes
  • To enhance training design & planning for the host organisation
  • Strengthen processes in the host organisation with a HIS implementation
  • To improve service delivery in the hospital through effective information management quality control
  • To ensure the inclusion of all people directly affected by the volunteer assignment in the course of your work with the PO and community, including implementing strategies that relate to:
    • promoting gender equality and empowering women,
    • disability inclusion, and
    • child safeguarding.

Responsibilities / Duties: 


In consultation with their line manager and relevant stakeholders, Australian volunteers complete a work plan in the first three (3) months of their assignment. The duties below are an indication of the type of work that may be involved in meeting the Assignment Objectives:

    Assist in developing project proposals to secure funding for vocational/technical training Assess current HIS capabilities and functions of the system
  • Together with the HO assist in making recommendations and reporting through to relevant authorities
  • Work with the HO in implementing changes for improvement based on the above recommendations
  • Assist in the design of the HIS training manual
  • Work with the HO in delivering the training for staff
  • Provide updated reports on the training to a variety of users along with recommendations
  • Assist with implementing HIS in areas of the hospital not already using the system;
  • Assist with the review of the current implementation
  • Recommend further actions required through monitoring and evaluation of the HIS system
  • Work with the HO in reviewing the quality of the data being captured
  • Deliver relevant trainings and mentor staff on capturing quality data
  • Work with the HO in maintain proper record and reporting of quality data.

  • Essential: 

    Qualifications, Essential Skills & Experience

    • Relevant tertiary qualification in information management
    • Three years of experience in information management system

    • Have worked in the Health sector


    Please begin by writing your responses to the following four (4) questions, in a document headed -
    Response to Selection Criteria
    a) Why do I feel that volunteering internationally is the right thing for me to be doing at this time in my life? (up to half a page)
    b) What are the biggest personal adjustments I’m likely to have to make to be accepted as a useful colleague and engaged community member in this assignment? (up to half a page)
    c) The program is committed to ensuring the inclusion of all people directly affected by the volunteer assignment, such as the PO and community. What is your personal experience and/or understanding of social inclusion?
    d) How do I match the Qualifications, Essential Skills & Experience? Write a brief summary of your most relevant experiences, results and achievements responding to each of the selection criteria in Section 5.

    • Applicants with a criminal record where a criminal conviction may be relevant to the inherent requirements of the assignment.

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    The Australian Volunteers program encourages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to apply for this assignment.


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    5 January 2018