HIM-J Virtual Special Issue (VSI)

Improving and Maintaining Health Data Quality Guest Editors: Dr Monique Kilkenny and Dr Kerin Robinson

Improving and maintaining data quality is an integral part of the role of a Health Information Manager or Data Manager. Recent articles published in the Health Information Management Journal and included in this Virtual Special Issue on Improving and Maintaining Health Data Quality highlight the important role data quality has in the healthcare system in Australia and overseas. The authors of these selected articles report research from a number of countries and in different health settings. They highlight the challenges associated with variable data quality, and present possible solutions to improve data quality.

  • The articles are grouped into four critically important, overarching features that have been identified as being central to health data quality: data accuracy, validity, completeness, and availability.
  • For the next three months these articles will be free to access.

The VSI can be accessed from the Journal’s Home Page, or via a direct link:
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  • scroll down to ‘Collections’
  • Select ‘Improving and Maintaining Health Data Quality

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