WW6367 - 2018-19 AIHW Graduate Intake - (Full-time) - AIHW - Canberra, Sydney, ACT, NSW

  • Enterprise Agreement Classification: AIHW Enterprise Agreement 2016 - APS Level 4
  • Salary:$65,563.00 to $71,009.00

The AIHW is looking for individuals with an interest in the health and welfare of our community and have the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment. As a diverse team, we have a range of positions available from health and social policy analysts through to highly specialised technical roles.

We are seeking graduates with demonstrated experience and knowledge in either/both:

  • health and social policy
  • statistical analysis and data science.

Graduates interested in working with the AIHW will have well developed skills in research design, data analysis and integration, interpreting and manipulating statistics, reporting, and project management. Graduates will also have qualifications and/or relevant work experience in a range of social and health science disciplines, including health economics, health information management, epidemiology, humanities, sociology, and psychology.

Due to the nature of our work, the AIHW also has a number of highly specialised roles which focus on Statistical Analysis and Data Science. Applicants interested in these roles will have well developed subject matter knowledge in research design, statistical methodology, information architecture, or data science. They will be able to manipulate and interrogate complex datasets using a range of software and have the ability to assist with the preparation of reports and publications. For these roles, we are looking for individuals with qualifications and/or relevant work experience in statistics, demography, data science, mathematics, actuarial studies, accounting, data mining, predictive modelling or geospatial/GIS (geographic information system) mapping.


Lisa Murray
Phone: (02) 6244 1094
Email: lisa.murray@aihw.gov.au

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Applications Close On: 
1 August 2018