WW6377 - Information Advisor - Clinical Reporting - (Full-time) - Victorian Agency for Health Information, Melbourne, VIC

  • Pay Rate: $82,574 - $93,689
  • This is an ongoing full-time position (classification: VPSG:4) based in Melbourne CBD

The Information Advisor will be working as part of a team and will be responsible for maintaining data standards, optimising data quality and timeliness of the data sets. The incumbent will also advise reporting issues within the Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI) in conjunction with key business areas.

Are you:

  • Able to interpret and advise on business rules and processes relevant to key health datasets?
  • Able to develop detailed data quality edits ensuring compliance with data standards?
  • Knowledgeable in health service provision information systems?

About VAHI:

The Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI) is a new agency within the Victorian Government’s health portfolio, which will analyse and share information across our health system to ensure everyone has an accurate picture of where the concerns are and where we are getting it right. Its responsibilities will flow across measurement of patient care and outcomes for three key purposes: public reporting, oversight and clinical improvement.

In undertaking its role, VAHI will:

  • Collect, analyse and share data so that the community is better informed about health services and health services receive better information about their performance
  • Ensure that boards, health executives and clinicians get the information they need to best serve their communities and provide better, safer care
  • Ensure that patients and carers get meaningful and useful information about care in their local community
  • Improve researcher’s access to data to create evidence that informs the provision of better, safer care.

To achieve this, it will be vital that VAHI receive the best quality data from public and private providers of health services. Accordingly, VAHI will play a role in data management, standards and integrity.

Responsibilities / Duties: 
  1. Contribute to the effective management of patient-level and aggregate datacollections. This includes specification of data standards and system requirements, including detailed data quality edits.
  2. Interpret and advise on business rules and processes relevant to key health datasets.
  3. Understand and apply legislative frameworks and Departmental policies regarding data privacy, confidentiality and security.
  4. Provide expert advice on the quality, accuracy and relevance of data.
  5. Contribute to initiatives aimed at ensuring the quality, timeliness and accuracy of data records.
  6. Contribute to the preparation of user manuals and other technical documentation and the provision of training and support associated with the ongoing development of data collection systems.
  7. Proven ability to translate and communicate technical information to non-technical people.
  8. Establish and maintain effective working relationships across the department and work in collaboration with key stakeholders.
  9. Keep accurate and complete records of your work activities in accordance with legislative requirements and VAHI’s records, information security and privacy policies and take reasonable care for your own health and safety and for that of others in the workplace by working in accordance with legislative requirements and the department's occupational health and safety (OHS) policies and procedures.
  10. Demonstrate how the actions and outcomes of this role and work unit


Knowledge and skills

  1. Planning and organising: identifies processes, tasks and resourcesrequired to achieve a goal; identifies more and less critical activities and operates accordingly, reviewing and adjusting as required.
  2. Interpersonal skills: sees things from other’s point of view and confirms understanding; expresses own views in a constructive and diplomatic way; reflects on how own emotions impact on others.
  3. Problem solving: seeks all relevant information for problem-solving investigates and probes for the facts; liaises with stakeholders; analyses issues from different perspectives and draws sound inferences from information available; identifies and proposes workable solutions to problems.
  4. Self-management: invites feedback on own behaviour and impact; uses new knowledge or information about self to build a broader understanding of own behaviour and the impact it has on others; understands strong emotional reactions and seeks ways to more effectively manage them.

Personal qualities

  1. Conceptual and analytical ability: deals with concepts and complexity comfortably; uses analytical and conceptual skills to reason through problems; has creative ideas and can project how these can link to innovations.
  2. Details focus: observes fine details; identifies gaps in information; looks for logical sequences of information; highlights practical considerations of plans and activities.
  3. Relationship building: establishes and maintains relationships with people at all levels; promotes harmony and consensus through diplomatic handling of disagreements; forges useful partnerships with people across business areas, functions and organisations; builds trust through consistent actions, values and communication; minimises surprises.
  4. Teamwork: cooperates and works well with others in pursuit of team goals, collaborates and shares information, shows consideration, concern and respect for others feelings and ideas, accommodates and works well with the different working styles of others, encourages resolution of conflict within the group.

Specialist Expertise

  1. Demonstrated understanding of the legislative frameworks and Departmental policies regarding data privacy, confidentiality and security.
  2. Good understanding of the broader policy environment and government operations having regard to the strategic direction of VAHI.

  • A tertiary qualification in health information management will be highly desirable


Daniel Mendoza
Principal Reporting Officer
Phone: (03) 9096 2153
Email: daniel.mendoza@vahi.vic.gov.au

Reference Number: 


Applications Close On: 
7 August 2018