HIMAA Direct – the on-line shop of the Health Information Management Association of Australia Limited.
This site is for non-HIMAA member purchases. Non-members can use this site to place an order for HIMAA products and services by simply clicking on a product.

HIMAA members who wish to buy at members discount click need to visit the HIMAA National web site and log in. Note that you must have a HIMAA Member number to buy at the discounted rate.

Purchases will be shipped within 2 – 3 business days after we receive your order.

You do not have to be a registered HIMAA Direct user to make a purchase. However, registering with HIMAA Direct is not the same as holding HIMAA membership and is a separate requirement. Should you experience any problems at all with this site please contact information@himaa.org.au for assistance. Note also that your browser must be set to enable cookies.

You may register as you progress through the purchase procedure.

Terms of Sale
Goods shall not be accepted for return or refund unless they are inherently faulty. Goods that are damaged in transit will not be accepted for return or refund. Please ensure you have selected the appropriate goods prior to proceeding to payment. Orders for goods which have been purchased by mistake will not be accepted for refund. Please contact HIMAA should you wish to make a purchase requiring insurance or tracking when shipped. Resellers please contact HIMAA before purchasing any goods online. HIMAA Direct caters to end-users and is not designed for resellers or wholesalers. Contact (02)9887 5001 for further information in relation to B2B sales.